WHY velocityinternetservices.com?

You can download files, including films and music, very quickly

Fibre optic broadband download speeds are so fast that downloading files becomes a snap. With a 100Mb connection, for example, you can download a DVD quality movie in less than five minutes, and an entire album in just a few seconds.

The whole family can get online at the same time

Your internet gets slower if lots of people are using it at once. Large households often find that they can’t do what they want as a result. With fibre that’s less of an issue. It’s so much faster to start with.

You can stream films

If you like to Watch flims online, or have heavy downloads necessity, you’ll love fibre. It gives the smoothest possible experience, with minimal interruptions, even in high-definition (HD).

It makes gaming smoother and faster

If you’re a serious gamer, you need fast broadband. It could help performance of multiplayer games – ensuring you don’t miss the crucial moment in a match. But more importantly, it will let you download the games themselves, extra content, and updates and patches very quickly, so you spend more time playing and less time waiting to play.

You can make video calls reliably

Phone calls are good and all, but sometimes you want to speak to someone face to face. On a video screen. It’s especially useful if you have friends and family overseas. Online video calls and conferences can be data-intensive, and the faster your connection the smoother your experience will be.