1. Subject to the acceptance of the application and technical feasibility VELOCITY will endeavor to provide the Broadband Service as soon as possible.
  2. The contract with Velocity for provision of Broadband Service will be for a minimum period for 1 year from the date of commencement (depending upon the plan chosen) in accordance with the tariff plan opted.
  3. The data rates shown as down streams or upstream is applicable only to last mile. However VELOCITY does not hold responsibility for lesser download or upload data rates caused by the accessed website status or the international gateway or the media.
  4. Shifting of Broadband connection subject to the technical feasibility would be done on payment of the applicable shifting charges.
  5. In case of business users, it would be possible to connect more than one computer depending on the plan opted for.
  6. The speed of the Internet may vary depending the aggregate usage. The IP allocations will be made as per the convenience of VELOCITY.
  7. No migration is allowed to the lower tariff plan till the expiry of the committed period

 Additional terms and condition for IP:

  1. Customer understands that this IP address can be renumbered at any point of time as per VELOCITY’s requirement.
  2. Customers understands that IP address assigned by VELOCITY are non portable and will have to be returned to VELOCITY at the time of termination/change over to another provider/any other reason whereby the customer network is unusable.
  3. Customer understands that Customer cannot in turn assign the IP address to other party.
  4. Customer understands that IP addresses assigned by VELOCITY are subjected to availability of IP address with VELOCITY
  5. Customer understands that IP address may be changed by VELOCITY at its discretion without assigned any reason and Customer has to agree for same.
  6. Customer understands that Customer may be required to pay for the IP address in the form of lease rental or other means, if such type of charge base regime is introduced at a later date and such payment may be required to be made retrospectively.